Friday, October 9, 2015

Is God a Remote, Disinterested Grandfatherly Type?

Many people today have a very light view of God. As if He were a grandfatherly type smiling in the sky, or like Santa Claus to give them what they ask for when they need it. Although some kind of notion of love is seen in this, it is ‘love light”, so to speak, from a remote, disinterested God we are not inclined to want to devote our lives to.
The reason for this is because we do not really understand what real love is. It is also because, in our day, we also lack one other very important thing. We do not appreciate God’s holiness. We do not respect or care to understand His awesome righteousness, His power, His utter holiness - the fact that He is nothing like us, but far above us in sublime purity.
When you do come to understand that a Hallowed God of glory loves us in the redemption of Christ, love is no longer seen as remote from a disinterested grandfather. It is ever personal, keenly interested in our lives. This awesome God loves us in no small way.
God’s graciousness is new every day, His mercy ever ready to forgives us and heal us in our innermost being. His great love is so deep that it will not only take a lifetime of growing in Him to even begin to understand, but all eternity to enjoy. For those who receive Christ, eternity begins now. Intimate love, concerned for our welfare in a way no person can do, is now ours. God is not the God of the almost, the maybe, or the possibly - not only in His character, but in His love toward us as well.
God in His holiness makes no pretense not to deem He can say what we are or are not to do, or that we are fallen and need salvation. However, it is this very real part of God that brings to light the severity of His love at the same time. A God who is in control of all things, who can make and unmake, who rules for eternity in righteousness – such a God of power loves you so much He sent His very own Son to solve the very sin problem that separates us from Him. Now that is love indeed.
Our response can only be to love the One who first loved us. It is our joy and the completion of our being to receive His kindness and grace daily.

Artwork: © Jeffrey M Green. "Minsi Lake", 11" x 14", pastels.