Monday, November 2, 2015

One Day We Will See Him

My dear Christian brothers and sisters, do you realize that one day we will see Jesus? One day we will be with and behold the Lord of our devotion. Like all promises God makes, it is one He will keep.

Christ has promised us eternal life and it is certainly true we will need all eternity to fully be able to appreciate the love and forgiveness of God in Christ. That wretched sinners could be washed clean and set free is a wonderfully freeing truth. It bursts the bonds complete. What love He showers us with, that we could be called His children, lavished with the overflowing riches of His mercy.

God has given us His very own Son, He who has been one with Him from eternity. This gift is a love that radiates, that permeates our being with true life and the purest joy. Heaven is beyond our finite minds, yet God’s gracious love alone will be something to enjoy and praise Him for forevermore. It will be our delight, the culmination and completion of why we exist, for God created us to enjoy Him forever.

As He has so loved us, how we see the enmity, strife, and conflict so often in the church as a whole is a terrible distraction. It can be so hard for folks to get along, it seems. We are loved by a glorious Lord; we are called to love each other as He loved us.

One day our earthly lives will cease, to let go of the sin, the trials, the bodily afflictions we carry. To live life everlasting enjoying the love of our awesome God. How wonderful beyond description it will be.

Artwork: © Jeffrey M Green. "Twilight Fields", 16 x 20", colored pencils.