Monday, July 10, 2017

Great Horned

At left is a new colored pencil piece of a Great Horned Owl, created on canvass. It is the second piece on canvas that I have done with this medium. There is a lot less layering than my regular colored pencil artwork with this surface. The background has a style similar to a work I did, titled, "Watchful", of a Red Tailed Hawk, also on canvass, shown below.

Artwork left: © Jeffrey M Green. "Great Horned", 11" x 14", colored pencils.
© Jeffrey M Green. "Watchful",
11" x 14", colored pencils.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Broken and Shed

This is colored pencil piece symbolizes the Lord's Supper. The realism and painterly style of the medium is typical of most of my work.

The chalice symbolizes the wine Jesus shared with the disciples on the night of the Last Supper, spilled on the cloth to call to mind His shed blood for our sins. The bread is broken, as He did that night, saying His body is broken for us. Reflected in the cup, you see a cross’s shadow. A symbol of what was to come and what we look to now. That evening, the cross was before Jesus. He would suffer on the cross, declare, "It is finished", die, and rise again. In His sacrifice our redemption is sure, grace and mercy purchased in His wonderful love.

Communion was not meant to be an empty ritual to perform in order to "behave religiously". Nor does this work symbolize dry ritual. Communion is a holy occasion for those who have actively put their trust in Jesus Christ. Scripture calls us to examine ourselves before we partake, appreciating this solemn moment of thankfulness for the price paid for us. It is sobering, yet imbued with wonderful hope. In Christ, we are sinners set free, forgiven, assured of eternal life that begins now and comes to wonderful fruition when we see Jesus face to face.

As I partake, I sometimes observe those around me as they walk to the front to receive the wine and bread. There are people of all kinds, each with their own struggles in life, who likewise share faith in our Lord. I reflect that worldwide brothers and sisters are doing the same. As a community of believers, our blessed hope and utmost joy is Jesus Christ. He is our Savior, Brother, Friend, Lord, and Master. Who, on the night He ate the Passover meal with the disciples, said "do this in remembrance of me".

Artwork: © Jeffrey M Green. "Broken and Shed", 16" x 20", colored pencils.