Friday, November 30, 2012

Being an artist to me... to use my art to reflect life by focusing on beauty and the uplifting. Art admires Creation, adoring the sublime hand that created it in all its wonder. Art has proven to be healing for some and a hearts outlet of this wonder of creativity for those who struggle deeply. This is a joy God blesses us with, an expression given to us as a gift. Creativity is indeed a wonderful blessing from the Creator of all things. Yet ever as heartfelt adoration for He who awesomely created very living vibrant life out of nothing, we mere dust with feeble hands of mortality and weakness. The focus, with awe, is on Him - with what He has done so amazingly. Doing so with the joy of knowing He gave the very ability to have these talents Himself. Unlike in relationships with others, where we give to them that which we purchased or made ourselves, we give back to Him who first gives profoundly to us, in every part of our life in Him. Even the ability to do so itself is from His loving care

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