Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thank You 2013 Supporters

This past year has been such a blessing for my art. So many doors opened, from events and published works, to commissioned pieces. None of this would of been possible without the support of others. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.
Below are the many who were instrumental this year. Thank you all for your support, encouragement, very real help, and opportunities! This was help of every kind - from gifts and financial help, to opportunities and support.

First and foremost, I thank the Lord who is my utmost joy - who has turned a shut in, who could not function in life without terrible ordeals (they very truly took me out of life for most of it) into someone who can contribute to the world. What can a man give to God? The more I go along in my walk with Christ, the more I see being His child as a continual act of receiving. It is all from His hand, His gifts are manifold and ever healing.

Thank you:

My mom, Carole Ketaner and step-dad Jeff
My wife, Cherie Green
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Gene Suydam
The Belsky's

Penny Hochella, Erik Chuss, Grace Fried, Bob Jordon, Edie DeProfio,
and all the folks at Forks Area Art Society. Everyone at FAAS have given me such warm support, thank you all.

The folks of First United Methodist Church Bangor, Pa. There are so many who warmly supported me. Among them: Donna Koehler, Maureen Brown, Carolyn and Shap Shaplin, Annette and Frank DiGiacamo, Cheryl Hower, Carol Shaplin, Linda Davis, and the FUMC women's Bible study.

MariAn Olson of The Gallery at St John's, Easton, PA.

Brenda Voll of the Nazareth Center for the Arts.

Sharon Cromer of Dallas, Texas.

Marion Romig of Rochester, NY.

Diane and Pete Gruber of Glen Rose, Texas.

Sally Ford of COLORED PENCIL Magazine.

Ann Kullberg of CP Magazine.

Susan Kalan, Arts Around Town, WFMZ online.

The folks at the Paint Box Art Club, Nazareth, Pa. Including Jackie Shoup and Janine Watt.

Marie Gelsomino, Will and Barbara Daskal of the Pocono Mountains Art Group.

Jim and Barbara Witczak.

Our neighbors Heidi and Cindy.

Stephanie Rhoades & Don Roth

Diane and Lewis Paulhamus.

So many more supported, prayed, and gave their encouragement. Thank you so much!

God bless you with a wonderful 2014,

Jeffrey M Green
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