Tuesday, December 4, 2012

"Faith", 8" x 10", colored pencils.

An example of the graphic work I create from time to time, loosely inspired by stained glass design. This one is also home decor inspired in its color scheme.

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:6

Throughout the entire Bible we see in God's relationship to humanity that faith is vital. In fact we see we can not even please Him without it. It is a vital component of our relationship and love with Him.
Sometimes we go through extraordinarily deep trials. We grow anxious, weary, disheartened, and full of angst and turmoil. In our minds and heart we can become so discouraged at times. This discouragement is a weight that bears us down heavily. The Psalms are filled with such hearts outpouring. I long for a faith that is beyond any personal securities of any thing, circumstance, or person one seeks as a comfort and safety in life. To put my utter trust in Him in complete fullness alone. It is very hard when the heart is strained or discouraged to feel I am seeking that. I worry that I then fail to follow, that my inner battle somehow defines me. How can we have such faith?
As God gives us unmerited favor in Salvation in a moment of time, in our day to day lives His grace alone carries us as well. I have come to know my own striving is misguided, unhealthy, and so very often sinful. Though I long for more faith and see so much of what I lack, is this not the case of all things in ourselves? We lack, but He supplies abundantly above all we can imagine. He gives us faith as a gift Himself that we merely give back to Him. It can come no other way in our walk with Christ. For both profound growth and the simpler things are not only unobtainable ourselves, but would be completely empty without Him.
So often I let my emotions define me. I feel discouraged, I feel bad, I feel disheartened, or feel angry, upset, withdrawn. Then I panic as though suddenly things in life or within me are different, experiencing an accompanying fear that I have become unworthy or am failing to grow in His love. At times I let these very human emotions affect my behavior as though they define the moment. If I am anxious, all is terrifying to me. If I feel discouraged, all is awful to me. Yet feelings themselves do not really define life when it comes to living in Christ. God's tender care never changes. His Word is always true. He is always trustworthy. The storms come at us from without and within - through them all His love is beautiful.
We read in the Scriptures how He has blessed countless souls through the ages. Why not you, why not me - today

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